akhirnya terjawab mengapa BE dah tak masuk dalam blog saya..

kome baca ler email kat bawah ..

Hi Noor Adina,

Thank you for writing in!

For CPUV campaigns, advertisers buy a certain number of unique visitors from your blog that will be able to view the ads for a period of time. The number of uniques that they bought will be divided equally to number of days the campaign is meant to run.

Let's just say if an advertiser buys 1,500 unique visitors from your blog that will be able to see their ads for a duration of 1 month, this means, each day, the ad will only be visible to the first 50 unique visitors of your blog.

Therefore, your CPUV campaign ad might not be visible at all times, as the number of unique visitors has been filled.

Our system prioritizes blogs which have received less CPM campaign to be suggested to advertisers in the future for their ad campaigns as part of our initiative to ensure all of our bloggers are able to earn evenly from advertisers. That means there will be times where a blog will not be chosen for campaigns if it has been getting a lot of campaigns for a period of time.

kawan-kawan ada kemusykilan better terus hantar ticket ke en nuff :)


nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

oh mcm tu ea..

p/s: ke kak? hihi.. nanti leh roger2 if dah pindah =)

Eca Dwinky Asha said...

wah..klu ada cpuv masuk la nuff tu :)

Fariq Jalil said...

maknanya blog ni mmg dah selalu dpt BE la ye.. heh. tapi kan, tu cuma alsan diorang je, yg tiap2 bulan dpt pun ade ape cite.. haha..

IntaNBerliaN said...

ooo baru saya tau pasal ni.. upenya tgk brp uv

D Yatie said...

Sy pun hr tu ad tny knp sy tukar kps non glitterati. Rupany blog headband sy tak letak ikln nuff. X smpt letak iklan lg. Huhu.

Tabung Ayam